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Tell SpaceX to name their first manned spaceship 'Serenity' at San Diego Comic-Con

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We, the undersigned, ask SpaceX to christen the first of their manned Dragon spacecraft Serenity, after the ship of the same name in Joss Whedon's Firefly universe, and we call upon SpaceX to announce the ship's name live in the presence of their fans and supporters at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California in July of 2016.

We believe that a manned Dragon named Serenity would represent the collective hopes and dreams of those who long to see the resurgence of an American space program that has been revitalized and revolutionized with the help of private industry, and provide inspiration to all who envision a world where a privately-owned spaceship represents the opportunity for a better, more independent life in space, just as it did for the crew of Whedon's fictional ship.

Christening the first Dragon V2 in honor of Whedon's Serenity would do more than just speak to the important role that imagination plays in providing the spark which fuels the fire of human achievement.  As one of the first manned spacecraft built by a private entity, it would also reflect our shared belief that mankind should strive to expand its reach beyond the boundaries of Earth not with designs of conquest or dominance, but with a spirit of peaceful discovery.

 We can imagine no more fitting name for such a spacecraft than Serenity, and we ask SpaceX to announce this name to the world at next year's San Diego Comic-Con.

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