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This is not really a petition, it's a thank you note :)

Let Senator Bernie Sanders know that we are thankful for his efforts!

Let's send some thank you letters to Bernie Sanders to show that we appreciate all his efforts, both for his one man 8.5 hour long filibuster and for all of the other wonderful things he does for middle class and poorer Americans. I will leave the letter editable so you can send the one I'm sending or write your own. These will arrive to him via email and will be sent out shortly after you sign.

Thank you, please share this link with everyone that you can!

You can watch some video highlights HERE

Letter to
Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders
I want to give a special THANK YOU to you for the outstanding job you did in your nearly 9 hour filibuster against extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the most wealthy in our country. You are truly a voice for average Americans and I am grateful to you, not only for this but for all of the other great things you have done and are doing. I'm sure that you know by now that you were an instant Twitter, Facebook, and internet sensation! I hope in the midst of all of that, and because of your amazing efforts, more people became aware of what these tax cuts really mean. It is also my hope that thousands of people will call and write their own Representatives and let them know how they feel about giving tax cuts to the rich.

Thank You Very Much Senator Sanders!

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