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NY State Senator Eric Adams recently told a 17 year old that looking at stats is not his obligation nor his responsibility. He is an adult and that makes him right. Let Senator Adams know that scapegoating young people is not acceptable behavior for an elected official.

Letter to
State Senator Eric Adams
New York State Senate
I was disturbed to read about your comments in response to President Jeffrey Nadel of the National Youth Rights Association. Jeffrey was trying to engage in level headed dialogue about a complex issue. He came prepared with real facts and statistics. Your claim that as an adult you have a responsibility “not to look at stats” is preposterous. You should apologize to your constituency and to Jeffrey Nadel for your ageist, flippant remarks.

You, and all adults, should look at the stats and understand that your kids are safer, less likely to do drugs and are more engaged citizens than your generation was. Because of this you should stop telling parents to search the rooms of their kids indiscriminately. Doing so breaks the vital bonds of trust in a family and closes channels of communication. The best way to keep kids safe is to have strong, honest relationships built on trust – not suspicion.

Thank you,

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