Confirmed victory

Republican extremists in Congress have spent months refusing to address the important issues facing our country, deciding to focus instead on the demands of the Tea Party.

Now they’re trying to defund Sesame Street, Curious George, and public news coverage. While these cuts – a full funding repeal to both National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting – won’t have an impact on our budget deficits, they will hurt quality programming and cripple a crucial public service.

Join Senate Democrats today in the fight against Republican extremism. Stand up for NPR and PBS before it’s too late.

Letter to
Senate Republicans
Public broadcasting -- like NPR and PBS -- provides a crucial public service. Programming like Sesame Street and public news broadcasting entertain and educate millions of Americans every year.

Now, Republicans in Congress are trying to cut public radio and television in a misguided and misleading attempt to balance the budget.

While our country faces serious economic issues, eliminating public funding for NPR and PBS won't have any impact on our economic troubles.

Don't defund NPR and PBS. Come up with real solutions to balance our budget.