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Tell Senate Leaders: Don't Delay Healthy Food for America's Children!

The Child Nutrition Act would offer our nation's children healthier lunches, greater numbers of school breakfast programs, better regulation of vending machines on school campuses, and increased access to meal programs. But Senate leaders are considering delaying this important piece of legislation for up to two years, slashing its budget in half in the process.

These essential improvements can't afford to wait one or two years, and they can't suffer from inadequate funding. We need a full-scale intervention, and we need it now.

Ask your senators to provide our nation's children with the nutrition they deserve. Demand that Senate leadership schedule a hearing for the bill, and remind your senators that the Child Nutrition Act deserves the full $10 billion funding increase that President Obama suggested in his proposed budget.

Our children deserve healthy food. Let's bring it to them.

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U.S. Senate
The Child Nutrition Act, an essential piece of legislation that will improve access to healthy meals for our nation's most vulnerable members, is at risk of being delayed for up to two years. Plus, it's at risk of having its $10 billion proposed budget cut in half.

Our children's health is a priority. Don't delay the Child Nutrition Act or slash its funding.

Please do what's best for America's children, and ask Senate leadership to schedule time for the Child Nutrition Bill as soon as possible. Remind the leadership that S.3307 needs full funding -- all $10 billion that President Obama proposed in his budget.

Thank you for your support.