Tell Sen. Patty Murray to Give Back Donations from Private Prisons Housing Immigrant Kids

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As the fate of children detained at the border remains in limbo under an ever-shifting immigration policy from the Trump administration, all eyes are turning toward the private prison companies that are housing migrant children -- and could potentially keep these kids in prison indefinitely.

Among the biggest private prison companies in the country, making major profits from government contracts for prisons that jail detained immigrants and kids, is Geo Group. Geo Group has been giving tons of money to politicians as part of their lobbying efforts -- Republicans and Democrats alike.

Many politicians are starting to reject campaign contributions from private prison companies -- especially private prison companies that help to lock up migrant children and their parents. But U.S. Senator Patty Murray, among the highest-ranking Democrats in the Senate, has taken thousands of dollars from Geo Group.

It's time to ask Sen. Patty Murray to commit to no longer taking campaign contributions from private prison companies like Geo Group, and to donate any contributions received to groups working on the frontlines at the border to support immigrant families.

As the Seattle Times reported earlier this week, Sen. Murray is the Senate Democrat who has received the largest amount of campaign contributions from the private prison industry. Geo Group specifically operates the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, a private prison where immigrants are held in prison and that has also faced allegations for mistreating detainees.

As worldwide attention and widespread condemnation comes down on U.S. immigration policy and the way it treats migrant families, why would a politician like Sen. Murray want to take campaign contributions from the private prison industry responsible for holding migrant children in detention?

A spokesperson for Sen. Murray said she wouldn't be influenced by these donations. If that's the case, then why keep these campaign contributions that come from profits made from detaining families and children? Send a message to Sen. Patty Murray now that she should give back these donations by sending a contribution to groups on the frontlines at the border, and then pledge to no longer take contributions from the private prison industry.