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Tell SeaWorld to Acknowledge and Combat Theft During Shows.

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On 6-25 our family went to SeaWorld, a place our family frequents. We attended the Cirque Electrique Show and arrived a few minutes late. We proceeded to park our stroller in the designated area but an employee encouraged us to park it near her as she could watch it so we could get in quickly. Upon exit the stroller was missing and said employee simply shrugged. After over two hours of searching and guarding exits it was obvious that it was stolen. We begged SeaWorld employees for assistance. Perhaps to ask employees in the park to keep an eye out or even monitor exits for our particular stroller to no avail. We have had no response from customer service and asking for unable to reach a human from Sea World at this point. We understand that a theft can happen anywhere but SeaWorld's blatant lack of response and negligence encourages this type of theft. I have learned that this is a very common issue and SeaWorld has not implemented any measures. Signs warning of theft, increased security outside of shows to deter thiefs, or protocol and assistance when a very expensive item is missing would be highly beneficial. We literally dragged our kids for over two hours with absolutely no assistance after speaking to more than 6 employees several times. No apologies, no attempts to make any of it right. Help me encourage SeaWorld to quit ignoring their obvious security and theft issues. Thank you. 

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