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Tell Scott Brown: We don’t want your Big Oil politics in New Hampshire

As the senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown made lots of friends – unfortunately most of them were dirty energy industry lobbyists rather than the people he was supposed to represent. Brown took thousands from Big Oil just weeks before voting to keep giving oil companies billions of our taxpayer dollars in subsidies every year.

Now Scott Brown is shopping for a Senate seat in New Hampshire. Good for Big Oil. Not so good for us!

If you want Scott Brown to keep his Big Oil politics out of New Hampshire, add your name to our petition today. 

Letter to
Scott Brown
As voters in the state of New Hampshire, we’d like to spare you the trouble of running and tell you now – we don’t want your Big Oil politics in our state. We know that as the senator for Massachusetts, you voted not just once, but THREE times to keep giving oil companies billions in taxpayer-funded handouts every year.

We don’t want a senator in New Hampshire who will put polluter interests above his own constituents, making us pay twice for our gas – once at the pump and again on tax day. So please stay out of our state and take your Big Oil agenda with you.

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