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Tell Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, and The Republican Party to Stop Demonizing Islam


Every faith, every movement, has radical fringe elements.  Organizations like the KKK operate under the flag of Christianity but we don't say all Christians are racists. Catholicism has spiritual leaders that are guilty of crimes against children but we don't say the whole Catholic Church and it's Priests condone pedophilia. Therefore, we should not demonize or penalize a whole faith and people, because of a small group of radicals. When leaders of a political party and leaders in America use a tragic and catastrophic  event like 9/11, an event that has left wounds and unresolved anger and grief in our nation, to stir up division and controversy to gain political points is unacceptable and it shows the world how weak and how far behind we are as a nation. America is better than that! We ask that you do not use Islam and Muslim Americans as a Political Football. It's not fair and It's not right.


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