Tell Santa Ana City Council: Say Yes to Choice (CCE) Now

Tell Santa Ana City Council: Say Yes to Choice (CCE) Now

February 7, 2020
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Started by OC Families for Consumer Choice

Everyone in Santa Ana needs electricity every day, yet Santa Ana residents do not have any choice on where they get their electricity. SoCal Edison’s monopoly on Santa Ana has resulted in years of steadily rising rates for residents with little to show for it.

Now SCE is requesting a 14.4% increase in residential rates for 2021.  Community Choice Energy (CCE) is the only significant tool our city has to protect residents from these increases. A recent study by the City of Irvine concluded that CCE customers would save .5 to 2% off SCE’s comparable rates, with higher savings predicted over time.

Income generated by the CCE will be returned to our community to help fund local programs like stabilizing our electricity bills, bike lanes or EV chargers instead of going to pay SCE shareholder dividends or CEO bonuses.

The Irvine study also found that CCE will enable the city achieve 100% clean energy by 2035 at no additional cost to customers while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 360,000 metric tons each year. That's like taking more than 78,000 cars off the road. Environmental benefits would be comparable for Santa Ana.

Irvine's City Council has unanimously voted to create a CCE Joint Powers Authority after multiple recommendations from their Green Ribbon Committee and Finance Commission agreed with their study, which found that CCE will bring the city $10.6 million in annual net revenue, $7.7 million in annual savings for Irvine consumers, and $120,000 in annual municipal electricity savings. 

Santa Ana needs to vote to move forward on CCE as soon as possible in order to meet a year-end California Public Utilities Commission deadline that must be met in order to begin service in 2022.  If the council misses this deadline, Santa Ana residents cannot get CCE until 2023. 

Please sign this petition to tell Santa Ana's leaders to vote for CCE now. We deserve a CHOICE. #YEStoChoice

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Signatures: 116Next Goal: 200
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