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As TOBAGO's tourism is on the decline, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has failed miserable to diversify the nation's economy. 

Tobago's problem isnt that we lack rooms, the problem derives from other factors the government is NOT taking into consideration. In 2017 we were told that the Prime Minister is in consultation with Sandals Resort International (SRI) however due to transperency, our own Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles has no idea what is happening with those negotiations.  We the taxpayers NEEDED CLARITY, we DEMANDED PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS of which to date has shown loopholes within the lines of this negotiation. Moreso the government is taking too many risks in which our lands are to be given away and as it seems now, the negotiations are uncertain as to who is funding this project. 

Tobago's Tourism product is more than Sand, Sea and Sun. However, over the years or tourism has been on a decline.  Our government has failed to properly harnessed the product of Tobago and as such, we are behind because we failed to be innovative, to do research and failed to expand on the TOBAGO brand as an island destination. 

To this date March 16th, 2018 our Hotels has a 34% occupancy according to the President of the Tobago Hotel & Tourism Association. To further add, the island now faces chaos from an Air and Seabridge that is not properly managed. 

Solutions of things to be fixed are: 

- Upgrading of Rooms

- Developing Hospitality Trainings

- Packaging of the Tobago Brand

- Strategic Destination Market 

- Developing Fresh Activities for the Island.

- Rebuilding the ANR. International Airport

- A reliable Bus Service 

With the right Product, Packaging, Promotion and Price, Tobago can be the jewel of the Caribbean once more. 

Furthermore, the government has a responsibility to bring credible solutions to the table. We do not want quick fixes.  We had Hilton the government lost that, we currently have Magdalena Grand a brand that is currently in lost of Millions along with many projects not being completed on the island. The problem is NOT LACK of ROOM the problem is an Uncertain Product, bad Customer service, horrible airport, unattractive pricing, poor rooms and a chaotic Air and Sea bridge. 

 We the people of Tobago appeal to this government of the Republic Trinidad and Tobago (GROTT) that the SANDALS BRAND is not the solution to fixing our Tourism. Please do not bring it here.  We humbly thank every citizen in advance for your support.