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If San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders gets his way, our city will be up for grabs to the highest bidder.

San Diego is facing serious budget shortfalls and increasing revenue is a major priority. But the financial crisis is leading to some poor decision-making by the mayor and city council and now they're considering privatizing certain city services.

In many cities, privatizing city services like parking meters, landfill management and water services has spelled disaster -- and increased costs for taxpayers.

Worst of all, when private operators take over, city voters and taxpayers no longer have a voice when it comes to maintaining and protecting service levels and quality.

The Center on Policy Initiatives recently launched a major campaign to stop the privatization of our city’s only public landfill. That battle is still being waged -- against intense pressure from the Mayor -- and even more proposals to outsource city services are on the table. Our city government needs to know that we’re watching and we know selling off our critical services won’t help the long-term financial health of San Diego or its residents.

The only way we’re going to stop this alarming trend of selling off city services to the highest bidder is if we band together and make our voices heard.

Take action today and tell Mayor Sanders: San Diego is NOT for sale!

Letter to
Mayor Jerry Sanders
The City of San Diego, like so many American cities, is facing serious budget shortfalls. But selling off or outsourcing critical city services like sanitation, parking meters or water services is NOT the way to solve our city’s financial woes.

As a proud member of the San Diego community, I am urging our city government to STOP privatizing city services. Turning over essential services to private operators means higher costs for taxpayers AND a blow to democracy. Once our services are outsourced through managed competition, or “privatized,” we lose control of how safely and efficiently these services are run. That’s a real threat to the families and communities of San Diego.

Thank you for your consideration,

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