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Tell Rick Scott to fund public transportation in Florida!

Awarded $2.6 billion dollars for the construction of high-speed railways to link Tampa and St. Pete to Orlando for the sake of business, tourist transportation, and to save on gas prices and mileage, he simply took the money and said "no." Tell Rick Scott that the money given to him SHOULD be used for public transportation in Florida, like it was meant to be!


Letter to
Governor Richard Scott
Florida Governor
Gov. Rick Scott, it was relieving to see that you had been awarded $2.6 billion dollars in support of a high speed railway to connect Tampa to Orlando here in Florida. As someone associated with the tourist industry, and knowing many like me who can only find work in Orlando but live elsewhere with their children and families, it brought many of us great anticipation of public transportation. Not only is it economically efficient, creates jobs, saves on gas money, and aiding in the vast tourist industry here in Florida, but it is safer. To see that you would intentionally use that money for something else, is downright appalling.
I know you may believe your motives and other uses for this money are correct and just ones, but I highly disagree. That money was meant for public transportation, and should be used solely for that purpose. Again, along with all of those who have signed along with me, we agree that public transportation in Florida is not only benefiting the residents of this state, but also the entire country in a step towards faster, safer, and more economically fit ways of transportation.

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