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The same Kansas legislator who sought to mandate public school teachers misinform students about climate change and evolution, Rep. Dennis Hedke, now wants to prohibit use of public funds to promote sustainable development. Sustainability projects are not only essential to helping the environment, but when implemented correctly, they build the economy, attracting long-term jobs and innovation. This proposed bill will drive the environment into the ground for a short-term profit. It is no coincidence that Rep. Hedke has ties to 30 regional oil and gas companies. Please tell Rep. Hedke that this is unacceptable by signing and sharing this petition.

Letter to
Capitol Office Room 102 1669 N. Sagebrush Wichita, Kansas 67230 Representative Dennis Hedke
HB 2688 is a shameless piece of legislation that will drive the environment and the economy into the ground to satisfy the desires of the 30 oil and gas companies to which you have ties. As an elected official, it is your duty to put the welfare of the citizens and the state you represent ahead of your own personal profit and interests. This bill is unacceptable and mandates environmental and economic ruin. Rescind this horrible proposed legislation.

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