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Tell Provincetown School District that condoms should not be given to Elementary School Students.



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When kindergarten through fifth grade students return to class at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown, Mass., this fall, they'll be able to ask the school nurse for condoms.

Thanks to a new, district-wide policy approved by the Provincetown School Board, condoms are now available to students in elementary school, regardless of their age. Parents will not be informed if they request a condom.

Elementary school Children should not be experimenting with sex or given access to condoms. Educating youth at this age about sex should be delegated to the parents and not the school.  This is way to early to be exposing our youth to sex.  Instead, they should be experimenting with reading, science, and mathematics.   The focus of our schools should be  preparing our youth for the future global economy, not sex! We ask that the Provincetown School Board change the policy of Elementary school children having access to contraceptives.


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