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Keep America's Commitment to Climate Action

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The science is in.  We haven't been working on climate action with the global community because of special interests; we've been tackling this human problem because we do not have a choice if we are to hand our children a habitable planet.

There isn't even an economic argument for continued fossil fuel use - in fact, carbon costs will dwarf investment in clean technologies - because the cost of doing nothing or maintaining our current path, is incredible. 

As a security threat alone, it has been known for decades  that climate disruption is the number one threat to humans and economies, planet-wide.  Therefore, undoing our recent advances on climate create increased misery and economic loss.  We will fight you on this - hard.  

While an argument can be made that the math comes up short using only renewables to power our cities and growing electricity needs, there is still no excuse for investing in further fossil fuel infrastructure.   Next generation nuclear power has the ability to run on spent fuel, power electric grids and cars without emissions, and act as a true bridge fuel, to get us off our dangerous emissions curve using 20th century technologies.  So there are no excuses left for pursuing dirty, dangerous fossil fuels.

If you pursue giveaways to gas, oil and coal, and take us backward on energy investments, you will be guilty of criminal negligence to future generations because the science is not in dispute.    

We need leadership on this crucial issue for our children.  The first step in leading is to not take us in the wrong direction.  Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency and eliminating our participation with the rest of the world in Climate Action is UnAmerican.  We demand that you stop your reckless actions on our behalf and do what is right for the country/planet.   


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