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Tell President Obama: Young people demand a plan to end violence in schools!


President Obama is developing a plan to make sure a tragedy like Newtown never happens again.

We know he’s hearing from politicians, gun rights groups and others. We want him to hear directly from young people. We’re the people most affected by violence in schools.

Watch our video: “California teens demand a plan to end violence.” Then sign the petition demanding a real plan to make schools violence-free.

A real plan doesn’t begin and end with more gun control and more armed guards. People with guns on the steps of our schools don’t make us feel safer. The answer to guns isn’t more guns.

A real plan to keep schools violence-free includes what WE need—Counselors. Mentors. School health centers. After-school programs.

We’re ready to help the President develop real solutions. The more young people can be at the table, the more effective the solutions will be. Sign the petition right now and stand with the young people in this video.

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