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Tell President Obama To Grant Clemency To Timothy Tyler #99672-012 Now


Because this was a travesty of justice...

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The President of The United States Barack Obama
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Clemency For Timothy Tyler Prisoner #99672-012 Under The "Fair Sentencing Act"

Tim was incarcerated in 1992 for 3rd time possession of LSD...His case fell under a mandatory minimum sentencing law, a barbaric 18th century idea in our opinion. He received 2 life sentences with no possible provision for parole...Tim was and still is a kind human being... just a young deadhead following the band...He's Vegan(doesn't even eat meat), never owned a gun and he always shared food and other essential items with those without..He was not a big druglord or part of a drug ring....He has been in federal prison for 20 years now...We are not denying that Tim broke the law but this punishment was too harsh for this crime...he deserves to get out now...We believe he has MORE than paid his debt to society for this crime...Rapists, murderers, and child molesters get less prison time than Tim received... 20 long hard years...Mr president, you are his only hope...Please don't let him die there...We look to you with hope...for compassion & change....

Carol Yates

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