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Tell President Obama to Bring a Real End to the Iraq War

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President Obama has proclaimed an end to combat in Iraq. Unfortunately, the end to war that President Obama speaks of will mean 50,000 troops remaining in Iraq, along with 75,000 private military contractors. And, there is more and more talk of U.S. troops remaining much longer. As you can see, the end of the war seems to mean the continuation of it.

The peace movement that you're a vital part of is using this historic moment to keep pushing for a real, complete withdrawal and a reallocation of war dollars to rebuild America and Iraq.

The peace movement is coming together to point out the incomplete truth of the end of the Iraq War. President Obama plans to deliver a substantial speech on Iraq on August 31st, which is why we must act now.

Please take a stand with us to call for a real end to the Iraq War.

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