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Tell President Obama: Sign the Arms Trade Treaty!


Big news: The UN's first-ever Arms Trade Treaty is now officially open for signature. By establishing a global framework to regulate the transfer of arms across international borders, the treaty will help keep weapons out of the wrong hands.

More than 65 countries have already stepped up and signed the treaty, but the United States isn't one of them—despite being the world's largest arms supplier. That needs to change: Strong, U.S.-led action was vital in making the treaty a reality, and now, our leadership is just as critical to make sure it becomes international law.

Unfortunately, the NRA and other groups are spreading misinformation to try and stop the treaty in its tracks. That's why we need to show the Obama administration just how many of us support this historic effort to make the world a safer place.

Send the message below to President Obama to ask him to sign the Arms Trade Treaty right away.

Letter to
President of the United States
Thank you for your Administration's leadership on the UN Arms Trade Treaty. I believe this treaty will make the world a safer place by keeping deadly weapons out of the wrong hands. Now that it is open for signature, I ask you to sign it right away.

By establishing a critical framework to regulate the transfer of arms across borders, and closing loopholes that criminals worldwide take advantage of, the treaty can help make us all safer. And along with all the good this treaty will do to prevent some of the world's worst crimes, including terrorism and genocide, it does not infringe on the Constitutional and Second Amendment rights of American citizens.

The Arms Trade Treaty is a perfect example of what the U.S. and UN can accomplish together. I urge you to sign it as soon as possible.

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