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Tell President Obama: Sign the Arms Trade Treaty!


Last month, 154 nations voted to adopt the first-ever international Arms Trade Treaty to help control the flow of arms and ammunition across borders – saving lives, preventing armed conflicts and protecting human rights.

On June 3, countries will have their first oppurtunity to sign the Arms Trade Treaty. Make no mistake, this moment is critical. A signature from the United States is vital to ensuring a strong, effective treaty.

The United States has been a key leader in making this treaty a reality. Now, it needs to be one of the first countries to sign it.

Urge President Obama to sign the Arms Trade Treaty on June 3.

Letter to
President of the United States
Thank you for voting for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) last month. Now, I urge you sign the treaty when it opens on June 3. An estimated 1,500 people die each day from armed violence -- it is imperative that the United States and other governments sign and realize the Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible.

Please send a senior US representative, either Secretary of State Kerry or Ambassador Susan Rice, to participate in and deliver a strong statement at the ATT signature opening. The US signature on the treaty on June 3 will help generate momentum important for the future effectiveness of the Arms Trade Treaty.

On April 2, your representative at the UNGA vote on the ATT voiced strong support and cast a US vote in favor of a strong Arms Trade Treaty. This was an essential step toward curbing the irresponsible and illicit arms trade fueling conflict and human rights abuse worldwide. Again, thank you for your support of this lifesaving treaty.

As a major arms exporter and a key leader in the ATT process at the United Nations, the US' leadership and early signature on June 3 will give the treaty the political support it deserves. The Arms Trade Treaty needs to start its life as strong as possible. A timely US signature, along with strong US participation at the signature event, will help bring other nations on board.

I would like to see the ATT enter swiftly into force, so it can help bring about a new global norm on arms trading as soon as possible. More than a thousand people lose their lives daily to the improper use of conventional weapons. The ATT will be critical to stopping arms transfers to war criminals and human rights abusers.

US continued leadership and early signature on the ATT will help ensure we quickly realize the potential of this treaty and stop atrocities fueled by conventional arms.

I urge you to ensure US signature on the ATT this June 3. Thank you.

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