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Tell President Obama: I support clean air!


The White House is being pressured by polluters to fundamentally weaken or add gaping loopholes to the EPA’s urgently needed Mercury and Air Toxics rule—just as it is about to be posted.

The Mercury and Air Toxic rule is one of the most important clean air standards to ever come out of the EPA. It would reduce mercury, arsenic, acid gases, and other hazardous air pollution from America’s oldest and most polluting coal-fired power plants.

Coal-fired power plants emit half of all toxic mercury pollution in the U.S. and over 386,000 tons of other hazardous air pollution every year, endangering you and your family.

It is time to put our children's health above politics and polluter lobbyists.

Mercury is a terrible neurotoxin. Fetuses, infants and toddlers are especially vulnerable to mercury poisoning. The rule to eliminate this poison has been in the making 21 years. Our children have waited long enough for EPA action.

It is urgent that mothers—and fathers—mobilize now and tell President Obama and tell him you support this important clean air rule.

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President of the United States
Mercury. Arsenic. Acid gases. These are not poisons I want in my child's body or food. These are not poisons that should be in our air and water.

It is time to put our children ahead of polluter politics.

The new Mercury and Air Toxics rule is one of the most important clean air standards to come out of the EPA in decades.

I urge you to stand with American families against the polluter lobby’s efforts to punch loopholes into the life-saving Mercury and Air Toxics rule.

Hazardous air pollution comes from our oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Many utility executives have cleaned up their plants--and it has not hurt their financial health, or our economy.

But now a handful of coal utility companies, armed with powerful polluter lobbyists, is urging that clean-up be delayed—and fighting to weaken clean air standards for the most toxic pollutants.

This rule would prevent 17,000 premature deaths every year.

Our children—your children—have waited long enough for the EPA to do its job. We want these poisons out of our children's lives.


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