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Tell President Obama: Don’t Overturn the Whaling Ban!


Dear Friends,

I can’t even believe that I have to write to you about this, but the situation couldn’t be more urgent or serious. Right NOW, the U.S. delegation to the International Whaling Commission is poised to support a deal that would be the biggest threat to whales since the moratorium to commercial whaling was established in 1986. According to the deal on the table now, even commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary would be permitted.

TAKE ACTION to stop commercial whaling NOW!

We WILL NOT stand by and watch commercial whaling paint our oceans red with the blood of whales. We WILL NOT accept any deal that legitimizes commercial whaling. But we can't save the whales without YOU. Please, take action now, and tell the Obama Administration that allowing commercial whaling is just NOT an option.

TAKE ACTION: Tell President Obama to stand against commercial whaling!

I'll be sure to keep you posted in the coming days about this breaking situation.

For the whales,
John Hocevar
Oceans Campaigner

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