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We know that an American turns 65 every eight seconds. We know that 70% of people over 65 need long-term care, and that the majority of Americans prefer to age in their own homes with the help of dedicated care workers, or under the care of their loved ones. We know that we’ll need leadership to transform our country’s care system and allow everyone over 65 the opportunity to age as they choose, with access to dignified, in-home care.

We’re asking the President and his administration to take public leadership to prepare for the long-term care our rapidly aging country needs by asking Congress to support Senate Res. 128. Congress just came back in session, and our country needs them to get long-term care on the agenda.

Letter to
The President of the United States
Our country is aging rapidly. One person turns 65 every 8 seconds — that's more than 10,000 people a day — and more than 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care. While many fear these demographics are potentially creating an impending national "care crisis,” we believe our changing demographics are an opportunity for our nation.

During the August congressional recess, Caring Across Generations gathered nearly 20,000 signatures calling on Congress to take action on Senate Res. 128 which asks Congress to create a long-term care system that would address the needs of our nation. With Congress back in session, we are writing today to request that your administration publicly support this resolution and urge Congress to take action.

Our nation's demographic shifts provide an opportunity to more effectively address the needs of those who are aging as well as the need to strengthen the workforce that provides care and support for our elder population and their families. There are opportunities to improve the quality of care and to create new, quality care jobs to better meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

We need your leadership to help turn the challenge posed by our changing demographics into an opportunity for our nation. By 2015, twelve million baby boomers will have already turned 65 with sixty-six million more to follow. Seniors of every ethnicity are living longer, often with more complex health care needs than their families anticipate. By calling on Congress to take action on Senate Res. 128, your administration can catalyze action on these profoundly important issues.

Studies show that the majority of Americans want to be able to age in their homes, not in institutions. We can provide better options and save money by creating a long-term care system with more access to home and community based long-term care options, so that people can choose to receive support and care in their homes and communities.

Our country cannot wait to turn this challenge into an opportunity — and as Congress returns to their final session this year, we must put this on the agenda. Thank you for considering our proposal to call on Congress to support Senate Res. 128. With your support, we can call for the creation of a quality long-term care system where seniors and people with disabilities can receive the support they need to remain integrated in our communities — a system where the dignity of both the care consumer and the care workforce is respected.

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