Tell PayPal: we won't stand for white supremacy. Cut ties with Discord.

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In August 2017, a group of white nationalists planned the Unite the Right rally through a website called Discord. Similarly to Gab — the website used by the man who murdered 11 innocent people at the Tree of Life synagogue to spread racist and bigoted ideologies — Discord is a relatively private chat platform often used by Nazi and white supremacist groups to chat and recruit white nationalists.

After the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Discord purged many users who were involved — but it is seemingly still a problem, and one that is largely unmonitored. A recent report by Slate showed over 20 communities on the site that are directly about Nazism and white supremacy. After they were reported, none were seemingly removed.

PayPal recently announced that it is cutting ties with Gab because, in their words, “when a site is explicitly allowing the perpetuation of hate, violence or discriminatory violence, we take immediate and decisive action.” So why hasn’t PayPal cut ties with Discord?

Discord and other websites like it are often used by white supremacist groups because of the fact that they don’t monitor their platforms for violent, anti-semitic, or bigoted language, unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

If PayPal is truly against perpetuating hatred and isn’t just worried about their public image, they would cut ties with all companies whose unmonitored platforms are a safe harbor for hate speech. That includes Discord.