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Tell Our Wounded Warriors We Appreciate Their Sacrifice


A new generation of veterans is returning home after serving in the current conflicts overseas.

Thanks to advances in trauma care, faster medical evacuations, and better body armor, 90 percent of the wounded now survive their injuries — more than in any previous war. But many of those who survive their injuries still have a long battle ahead of them: They return home with amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and severe post-traumatic stress, among other adversities.

Veterans who suffered near-fatal battlefield injuries celebrate every day following with a new appreciation for life, and they commemorate that fateful day as their Alive Day — the day they narrowly escaped death. 

When a warrior is wounded, it places tremendous stress not only on them, but on family members as well, many of whom face the new role of full-time caregiver and advocate. 

These brave men and women need to know we appreciate their sacrifices. They must also understand they have our support as they strive to lead successful, independent futures as injured veterans. 

Pledge to support our returning wounded warriors. Take part in the recovery of these great heroes. 

Our returning wounded warriors and their families will not be forgotten. Also, I will support efforts to:

-- Ensure that quality healthcare for the full range of injuries is accessible throughout the transition from active duty service member to veteran status and for the duration of the warrior's life.

-- Ensure that wounded warriors have unfettered access to the range of benefits and compensation programs for which they are eligible.

-- Ease the financial and emotional stresses faced by families with loved ones who have incurred life-altering disabilities.

-- Identify and create new programs to meet the needs of this new generation of veterans.

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