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Tell Our Vietnam Veterans “Welcome Home” for Veterans Day

This month we honor the bravery, courage and sacrifice of America’s heroes – our veterans. Our warriors deserve the thanks and praise of a grateful nation.  

But for those veterans who made it home from the Vietnam War, many bore the brunt of a divided nation. There were no cheering crowds, no speeches, no “Welcome Home.”  

Controversy, shame, anger and depression often permeated the ranks of the returning soldiers.

During the Vietnam War, over 58,000 men and women never came home to join their fellow veterans and many are still missing. Their names are written on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. to remind us of their sacrifice, service and uncommon courage. 

Today, we ask you to say “Welcome Home” to these unthanked warriors -- and pay honor to all the veterans of our country -- by signing our pledge. 

These brave men and women need to know we appreciate their courage and remember what they have done for us.

Pledge to honor our Vietnam veterans and veterans of all our wars – fallen and living – and remember their role in keeping our country free.  Let them know you appreciate them and stand with them in their efforts to build a successful future.

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take the pledge YOU
I want all our veterans to know how much I appreciate their sacrifices and how proud I am of their service. And I want to say a special “Welcome Home” and thank you to our Vietnam War veterans.

I will not forget our warriors who returned, our fallen heroes and their families. I will tell my children, friends and families about the brave men and women who fought in that divisive war and remember and honor them every Veterans Day.

I will support programs to promote healing and keep the legacy and impact of the Vietnam War alive through educational programs and other initiatives, such as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and their new Education Center.