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Support David Blackmore’s right to farm.

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My name is Neil Perry.

I’m a Sydney chef, owner of Rockpool Bar & Grill and I really need your help.

David Blackmore, my good friend and long-time beef supplier, has had his farming permit rejected. It makes no sense - David’s produce is of award winning quality and his cattle are treated with utmost respect.

It’s outrageous that complaints on machinery noise and birds from nearby residents and hobby farmers led to Council’s removal of David’s farming rights! Now this incredible farmer and his 1,300 cattle face being forced off his property in just 30 days.

He’s fighting the ridiculous claim his farm is a “feedlot”. This is wrong. I have personally been on his property, many times - the cattle graze freely over green pastures and laze under red gumtrees - that comparison is absurd and damaging.

David’s farmed here for over a decade, producing delicious beef that I, along with many other celebrity chefs undoubtedly trust in our Wagyu dishes.

This is the type of Australian agriculture that should be encouraged, not stopped.

I’m calling on the Minister for Agriculture and the Premier of Victoria to support and not hinder best practice Australian farmers by giving farmer David Blackmore back his right to farm.

Please sign and share my petition, allowing David to continue to bring us the finest and most sustainably produced Wagyu in Australia.

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