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Tell Oprah: Take Baby Foreskins Off The Market

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The commercial use of baby foreskins amputated during "routine infant circumcision" is problematic on many levels. Making big business out of cutting healthy skin off of little babies renders our most vulnerable citizens even more vulnerable. With money on the operating table, newborns (who have no legal say in the matter) are more likely to be subjected to medically unnecessary surgeries.

Furthermore, parents are generally not informed that their baby's foreskin may be sold following circumcision. Doctors and hospitals profit from harvesting infant foreskins; cosmetic companies like SkinMedica - which Oprah Winfrey promotes - sell face creams containing ingredients derived from them (for upwards of $200 an ounce) to people who want younger-looking skin, no matter the cost. A single foreskin can ultimately generate as much as $100,000.

The families exploited in this equation are none the wiser and none the richer. In fact, they often pay $200 or more out of pocket to have their babies circumcised; no health organization recommends routine neonatal circumcision, so insurance companies tend not to cover it. Parents would surely be shocked to discover that skin they paid to have excised from their newborn sons' genitals is being used to keep the rich richer, and the rich and famous looking younger.

Oprah herself rubs cream into her face that contains infant foreskin-derived growth hormone. Not only does she do this on a regular basis, she promotes the company that makes it: SkinMedica. And when Oprah speaks, people listen.

Please sign this petition so that Oprah will listen to us.

Tell Oprah to stop endorsing SkinMedica, a company that makes products containing ingredients derived from human baby foreskin.

Thank you!

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