Tell Ontario's Party Leaders to Support All Students - Queer or Straight

I have so much in common with the individual who has started this campaign. I, myself am also a queer student in Mississauga, Ontario and am an active member in our school's GSA. It breaks my heart that there are people so close to me who don't have the same rights that I do when it comes to something so important. GSA for me has allowed me to form amazing friendships and become comfortable with my own body and sexuality. And for many LGBTQ and even other minority students, it provides a safe space where they are free to be themselves and to talk about their problems and raise questions. GSA has also helped make my school a more accepting and understanding school and I personally feel that every school should have one. These students deserve to express who they are and they deserve to be in a school where they can feel safe and comfortable!

Linda Xuan, Mississauga, Canada
8 years ago
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