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Tell Oklahoma Officials: Shawnee AC Needs to Stop Automatically Gassing Pit Bulls & Pit Mixes

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There is an ordinance at the Shawnee, OK Animal Control that pit bulls and pit mixes will not be adopted out. They are held for 48 hours like all other animals, and if during that time the owner does not come to get them, they are automatically gassed to death.  

No chance for adoption.

No chance for rescue.

No hope for a new life. 

The photo on this petition is just one example of a dog that was gassed by Shawnee Animal Control because the impounding officers labeled him as part pit bull and DENIED rescue. (Does this even look like a pit mix to you?!)

Not a pit bull.

Not a pit mix.

Gassed anyway.

Several shelters have offered to adopt out the pit bulls and pit mixes (and those mislabeled as pit mixes). Rescues have tried to pull them… But they have been told "no" because the ordinance dictates that if an owner doesn’t reclaim them within 48 hours they need to be killed.

There is no breed specific legislation (BSL) in Oklahoma. Actually BSL appears illegal in the state of OK. Read for yourself… 

Oklahoma Statutes Title 4. Animals. Chapter 3. Dogs and Cats:

B. Potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs may be regulated through local, municipal and county authorities, provided the regulations are not breed specific. Nothing in this act shall prohibit such local governments from enforcing penalties for violation of such local laws.

Also, read this:,0,214449.story

The case of Jerry Stuckey vs. Midwest City, OK was tried by Attorney R. Scott Adams. They've been fighting since 2007 to force Midwest City to repeal their BSL and the ruling came down this March. Oklahoma cannot gas pit bulls or pit mixes based solely on their breed. State law prohibits dog bans from being breed specific. If Shawnee AC had been abiding by this ruling, the dog in this photo and many others would still be alive, happy, and safe. 

This breed discrimination and cruelty needs to stop. Please sign this petition and tell the mayor, governor, and other officials: Shawnee Animal Control needs to stop automatically gassing pit bulls, pit mixes, and "mislabeled" dogs NOW.


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