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Petitioning Big Oil Companies

Tell Oil Companies: Californians Want a Fair Shake!


California is the only major oil-producing state that allows companies to extract oil tax-free. That means Californians have to come up with an extra $2 billion each year, or $228,159 each hour, to subsidize these companies.

Californians pay the highest gas tax in the nation. At a time when we are already in debt and struggling to fund our schools, universities, health care, and transportation, we can’t allow this valuable revenue stream to continue to go untapped.

It’s time big oil paid their fair share in taxes while they are exploiting California’s resources. It’s time they put their discount to use for Californians.

On behalf of our state’s vitality and valuable resources, we demand a fair shake.

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Big Oil Companies
Californians demand that oil companies pay their fair share to exploit our resources. I stand with NextGen Climate and demand a fair shake.