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In the fiery battle over Prop 23—Big Oil’s pet project to suspend California's landmark clean energy and climate legislation—a David and Goliath battle is brewing.

Joel Francis, a student from Cal State L.A., has issued a challenge to Charles Koch, the evil gazillionaire of Koch Industries, Inc., who has thrown millions into the Prop 23 effort and has a long history of funding the climate denial machine. Francis’s very simple request: Let’s debate the issue.

Should Koch ignore the dare, as it is widely expected he will do, Francis has vowed to march down to Koch’s tycoon headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, to deliver his debate letter in person this coming Tuesday.

One hopes this simple but powerful gesture will create some waves. Because there are few better causes than defeating Prop 23, a blatant manipulation by dirty energy companies to turn back the tide on AB 32, a.k.a. The Global Warming Solutions Act, a critical measure requiring polluters to curb their dirty emissions.

Most wretchedly, polluters backing Prop 23 have marketed it as the “California Jobs Initiative” to appeal to citizens during the economic downturn. Yet in reality, the legislation would kill untold jobs in the rapidly-growing green industry—as Francis calls it, “the most promising employment sector for young Californians.”

Without money or clout, Francis is leveraging the one tool available to everyone battling the measure—a voice. Join Francis in telling Charles Koch to put his mouth where his money is and accept the Prop 23 debate challenge.

Letter to
Communications Director, Koch Industries, Inc. Melissa Cohlmia
Your donations to the "Yes on Prop 23" campaign make it clear how important it is important to you that California's clean energy and climate law, AB 32, is suspended.

Millions of Californians—including Cal State L.A. student Joel Francis—disagree. In fact, not only do they support AB 32, they say that without it, California's economy will suffer.

Recently, Joel Francis issued a simple challenge to you: Let's debate the issue.

If you haven't already, you can watch his challenge here:

I call on you to put your mouth where your money is debate Joel Francis on Prop 23.


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