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Tell Ohio Senators to End Breed Discrimination in Ohio and Help Domestic Violence Victims

In May 2010, House Bill 55 (with HB79 added to it) overwhelmingly passed the Ohio House of Representatives and was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration.  This bill allows judges to add companion animals to domestic violence protection orders, requires counseling for juvenile animal abusers, and removes the term "pit bull" from the Ohio Revised Code, thus allowing vicious dogs to be defined by behavior and not by physical appearance.

We can not allow this important bill to die in committee!  All of Ohio's citizens will benefit from the passage of House Bill 55.  Please tell Ohio's Senators to schedule a hearing on House Bill 55 and to vote YES on moving it forward.

Letter to
The OH State Senate
In May 2010, the Ohio House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed amended House Bill 55. This bill benefits all of Ohio's citizens by allowing victims of domestic violence to add their family pets to their protection orders. It requires juvenile abusers of animals to participate in mandatory counseling. Thus recognizing the link between violence towards animals and violence towards people. It also changes the definition of vicious dogs so that dogs are defined by their behavior and not their physical appearance or breed.

House Bill 55 is good for all of Ohio's citizens. This bill needs to come to the Senate floor for a vote, so that it can move immediately on to the Governor. I hope you will support Ohio's citizens by voting YES on House Bill 55.

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