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Petitioning Deutsche Bank National Ca ocwen lending/deutsche bank and 4 others

tell ocwen lending that an illegal foreclosure can not launch our property to be legally sold! take the for sale sign down, give our home up!

      This petition is very important that it has been discovered that there was not a legal binding document presented to the courts of hamilton county when the foreclosure was filed on October 2, 2009. As well as the preliminary judicial report confirmed to the courts that sided with the bank "deutsche bank national was not the bank in authority of the mortgage, nor the authorized trustee on the loan. In the bordens opinion the previous homeowners the "wrongful foreclosure was racially motivated, and Mr. Borden a recent widower was discrimanated on his rare age of late seventies, as well as fell victim when his spouse on the note for well over fifty  years passed after long bout with cancer.  Onwe who dealt with Ocwen lending based on the loan always remained suspicous of the loan but was too ill, research the fatc that all of a sudden Delta funding appeared as an obligation, while the original loan conseted to was with consolidated mortgage that remained outstanding on the county records, when Ocwen lending launched its vicous attack. An obligation discharged by the courts in order for Ocwen lending to unlawfully seize the home, under a bad loan pawned off to them by Delta funding corporation that Mr. Borden say was never paid to him and his wife at any given time. "the ramashackel condition of the cherized home seized owned for over twenty five years speaks for itself, along with the falsified fabricated documents, that are robo-signed, and altered carelessly, that should have been recognized by the courts of Hamilton county Ohio  who out of all courts nationwide appears to be swindling   certain foreclosure throught the system, mainly filed agianst minorities unaware that they are being victimized, along with low-income families unable to hire an attorney to act in there defense. UNREMORSEFULLY PREYING ON DEFENSELESS HOMEOWNERS, SUCH AS THE BORDEN FAMILY WHO REFUSES TO STAND BACK AND BE STEREOTYPED, IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!   As we speak the court records serves as evidence that the banks owned nothing, the paperwork was falsified, and the courts chose not to rule constitutionally, that they were just your average african american family, unable to pay there mortage payment. While according to stats the loan perhaps was a loan that remained  outstanding after the feds had discharge it as a predatory loan in 1999, issued by Delta funding corporation who closed for business in 2001, who name mysteriously  appeared on assignments dated 2009 to support the "fraud foreclosure,,,,,,,,," LET THAT BE THE REASON THE FOR SALE SIGN ESTABLISH THAT THE BORDEN FAMILY WAS SOLD OUT BY THE COURTS, AND THE BANK NOT GET BY WITH SELLING OUR HOME! HELP US TO EXSPOSE THE FACT THAT OUR HOME WAS ILLEGALLY SEIZED , HEIRS WERE UNLAWFULLY EVICTED, AND BY LAW LEGALLY THE HOME BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER, THE BORDENS!

Letter to
Deutsche Bank National Ca ocwen lending/deutsche bank
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
and 2 others
President of the United States
Ohio Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: ocwen lending/deutsche bank.

We the Borden family would like to make it clear to the banks mentioned that we are determined to hold you accountable for your wrong doing, and is asking for the support of americans nationwide, to make sure that the right thing is done, that we are rightfully restored ownership of our home, that is now up for sale and is not legally owned by your bank that illegally seized our home by way of fraud. To whom we have confronted and made aware of the fact thathe cat is out the bag, and we will not idle by and further be victimized without fighting for our rights by all means necessary!

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