Tell Obama to commit the U.S. to stop bombing civilians

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Like many other types of explosive weapons, cluster bombs are imprecise weapons, scattering sub-munitions over an area that can be as large as several football fields. When sub-munitions explode, they fire hundreds of fragments of metal that travel at the speed of a bullet. Anybody within the area, military or civilian, is very likely to be killed or seriously injured. Even if a victim lives, they will suffer various injuries such as loss of limbs, burns, ruptured eardrums, blindness and internal complications. And up to 40% of those submunitions don’t explode at the moment of use, staying active and dangerous for years or decades, even when the conflict is over.

In Laos, the destruction of cluster bombs is felt to this day— almost every week there are new deaths and injuries due to unexploded submunitions, and children suffer the most. Thanks, in large part, to America’s Vietnam War-era bombing campaigns, it is the most heavily bombed country on Earth. President Obama is currently embarking on a historic trip to Laos, where he will seek to reconcile our damaged relationship with the still-recovering country.

Cluster bombs are illegal under the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which became international law on August 1, 2010, and counts 119 countries that have signed or acceded to the Convention. Join Handicap International in calling on President Obama to join the Convention.

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