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Tell Obama: Support Israel and Move the Peace Process Forward

President Barack Obama is reportedly deciding whether to make a major policy speech on Israeli-Palestinian peace in the coming weeks.

This could be an important opportunity for the president to (1) make clear that he remains personally invested in Israeli-Palestinian peace, (2) to lay out his vision for peace, and (3) to explain how he plans to move the parties towards this goal.

A speech is not enough. But it's an opportunity to start turning things around. It must be followed by action and genuine leadership. We need a two-state solution. The occupation must end. The time is now.

Write President Obama. Show the White House that Americans want our president to reinvigorate his peace efforts.

Americans for Peace Now is a leading voice for Americans who understand that only peace will ensure Israel’s security, prosperity and continued viability as a Jewish, democratic state. 

Letter to
President of the United States
As an American who cares about Israeli-Palestinian peace, I urge you to reinvigorate your efforts on this front.

This is the right moment for you to demonstrate that you remain personally invested in the effort to make peace, enunciate clear principles on which a peace agreement can be made, and explain how the parties can move towards this goal.

A major policy address now -- before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to Congress -- is an opportunity to get peace efforts back on track.

It would be a mistake to let this issue slide, especially now, when so much is happening in the Middle East. Left unaddressed, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will eventually complicate every aspect of your Middle East efforts, undermining your ability to lead and further destabilizing an already volatile situation.

Please know that Americans who care about Israel want to see you reassert your leadership to bring Israeli-Palestinian peace.