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Tell Obama: Stop Backroom Climate Deals that Ignore Poor Communities


The Copenhagen climate negotiation was a lost opportunity.

The substance of the Copenhagen Accord presented at the end of the negotiation is frighteningly hollow. It ignores the demands of the climate justice movement and disregards the rights of poor communities.

The impacts of climate change -- floods, droughts, and natural disasters -- threaten food security, livelihoods, and the very right to survival for millions of the world's poorest people.

Instead of concluding more than two years of work by 190 countries to reach a global agreement, the Copenhagen Accord was put together behind closed doors by a few powerful countries, led by the US, at the last minute with no regard for the established United Nations process.

Now, more than ever, we need President Obama to stand up and help lead the world forward to address the climate crisis. Send him a letter asking for his leadership on key steps needed to help us avert climate catastrophe. 

Letter to
President of the United States
As a member of the climate justice community, I feel that the Copenhagen climate conference was a lost opportunity. The demands of our movement were ignored and the rights of poor communities were disregarded. The so-called Copenhagen Accord did not emerge from a transparent multilateral negotiation, and it does not commit countries to the immediate measures that must be taken to avert catastrophe.

We must fix this now. Mr. President, over the past few years you have emerged as a truly global source of hope and inspiration for those who seek justice and change. We now ask you to demonstrate that leadership by committing to:

1. Work through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to reach a just and effective agreement which would protect the rights of poor communities.

2. Dedicate new and additional resources through UNFCCC mechanisms of at least $200 billion a year in additional public finance to help developing countries to adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change and transition to clean energy economies. The potential revenue sources are there—work with us to realize them.

3. Establish a new global climate fund under the authority of the UNFCCC to transfer money directly to developing countries. Such a fund must ensure the participation of affected communities, should not include economic policy conditionalities, and should be independent of the multilateral development banks.

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