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Tell Obama: Fix and Revitalize Foreign Aid


President Obama has unveiled a new Global Development Strategy to help poor people lift themselves out of poverty.

This is an important step, but we must rebuild America's foreign aid system to fight poverty more effectively while ensuring that some of the most important elements of the new Global Development Strategy aren't subject to the whims of politics.

Ask President Obama to continue fighting against global poverty.

Letter to
President of the United States
US global development programs have saved millions of lives and helped millions more overcome poverty. Yet these programs are still under-performing and often fail to reach the people who need help most. That is why I am asking you to craft a National Strategy for Global Development, outlining the goals of our development programs and the methods to reach those goals. A recent GAO report identified the lack of such a strategy as a major challenge for our global development efforts.

This strategy would put people in charge of their own development, not just as recipients but as full, responsible partners. It would also create new tools for measuring development programs to ensure they are meeting their goals, and includes transparency principles to ensure that both Americans and poor people can see where aid dollars are going and what they are doing.

Your Global Development Strategy will go far in helping poor people lift themselves out of poverty. A National Strategy for Global Development is the next step in this critical fight.

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