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Tell Obama & Congress to end the Pentagon's manhunt for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

In an era where the United States has conducted extraordinary renditions and torture, the Pentagon's man-hunt for Julian Assange needs to be taken seriously. Julian Assange, helped to release a classified US military video showing a US helicopter gunship indiscriminately firing on Iraqi civilians on his site Wikileaks. The US military has arrested Specialist Bradley Manning whom they claim sent the video to Wikileaks along with 260,000 classified US records. Julian Assange simply did what the New York times did when Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers, a move many believe helped to end the Vietnam war.  It is time to start protecting whistleblowers and stop jailing them and hunting them down.

Letter to
The President of the United States
It is time the United States starts to protect whistleblowers and end jailing and persecuting people who have the courage to tell us the truth. Julian Assange, co-founder of Wikileaks recently published a 2007 video that clearly showed a US helicopter gunship indiscriminately firing on Iraqi civilians. Instead of investigating this crime, killing innocent civilians and seriously wounding two children, the Pentagon has announced it is conducting a man-hunt for Julian Assange. This man-hunt needs to stop now.

Julian Assange is a hero, he simple did what the US Media should be doing, telling the American people the truth. Julian Assange did what the New York Times did when Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers. We know all too well that our country engages in Extraordinary Rendition and Torture. This was true under the Bush Administration and it is still true under the Obama Administration. I fear that if the Pentagon catches Julian Assange they won’t simply arrest him but they will most likely send him to a place where he will be tortured. You can prevent this by ending the Pentagon Man-hunt for Julian Assange now. We should be thanking Julian Assange not hunting him down.

Thank you for ending this man-hunt and taking a stand for human rights.

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