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Tell NJ to Give Back the $1 from Traffic Fines to the Disabled

The State of NJ took funds from the recipients of its "disease" funding commissions, including the NJ Commission on Spinal Cord Research.  In the past, revenue from speeding tickets flows to this commission but is now being used by the State to pay down debt.  Commission funding supports scientists at State research institutions including the Spinal Cord Injury Project at Rutgers University. This project provides research for clinical trials that will soon help paralyzed individuals recover function and independence.  

Letter to
New Jersey Governor
Every 41 minutes another person sustains a spinal cord injury. I know all too well the devastation of these life altering injuries, my 15 year old son Robbie lives with it everyday.

The mission of the W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at Rutgers University is the development of effective treatments for acute and chronic spinal cord injuries and to move these discoveries from laboratory to human lives as rapidly as possible.

The Spinal Cord Injury Project is the first focus of the W. M. Keck Center. Its mission is to conduct cutting-edge research and to build collaborations to focus resources on finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The Spinal Cord Injury Project works to bring together research facilities, educational institutions, training programs, government officials, and corporate entities to work together to develop new therapies and to move the most effective treatments quickly to clinical trial.

NJ is a leader in this field, so close to clinical trials...please help us to continue this research for a cure by giving back our $1 from traffic fines. Robbie is counting on you.

Thank you!

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