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Petitioning New Jersey State House and 2 others

Tell NJ Lawmakers to oppose NJ Library Cuts ( Proposed Legislation A2555 )


The Library is essential to our youth's mental development and helps job hunters in this tough economy find jobs.


The Governor’s proposed budget cuts state funding to libraries by 74%. This cut:

ELIMINATES Internet access and electronic journals in hundreds of libraries

ELIMINATES the delivery of materials from other libraries to you - more than 3 million items were delivered in 2009

ELIMINATES 50% of State Aid to public libraries

To lose these programs will put more pressure on local property taxes and will cause some local libraries to close. 






Letter to
New Jersey State House
New Jersey State Senate
New Jersey Governor
Dear State Legislators,

The Library is essential to job hunters in this tough economy and is essential to our youth's mental development.

The Proposed legislation A2555 will ELIMINATE minimum funding for libraries and will result in fewer books, cutting internet access, fewer hours and fewer services and will cause some libraries to close. Local library funding targeted in A2555 typically represents less than 3% of local property taxes.

We ask you to OPPOSE A2555, and support funding for municipal libraries as a dedicated tax.