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Did you know Newsweek is being paid by the oil industry to host lobbying events in Washington DC?

TPM Muckraker is reporting that Newsweek is partnering with the American Petroleum Institute (API)—the lobbying arm of the oil industry—to host a panel discussion entitled “Climate and Energy Policy: Moving?” featuring lawmakers, the American Petroleum Institute’s CEO, and Newsweek’s Senior Washington Correspondent.

API is a giant in Washington lobbying and is spending millions of dollars on behalf of the oil industry to stop the US from reforming our energy policies or addressing climate change.

So why is Newsweek, a supposedly objective news outlet, partnering with API to present a one-sided Capitol Hill policy forum?

Because API is paying them.

Really, it’s that simple. Newsweek, it seems, is willing to sacrifice their journalistic integrity for advertisers who want to pay for the appearance of objectivity that comes with having Newsweek’s name attached to their events.

We rely on magazines like Newsweek to report the truth. Taking money from oil lobbyists and co-hosting lobbying events masquerading as “policy discussions” is clearly an abuse of public trust and an unacceptable business practice.

Send Newsweek a letter and tell them to stop shilling for the oil lobby. 

Letter to
Washington Post Company Vice President – Communications and External Relations Rima Calderon
Newsweek Director of External Relations Mark Block
I am writing to express my outrage that you are co-hosting a thinly veiled lobbying event with the American Petroleum Institute.

Your advertisers shouldn’t be able to buy your endorsement and when you let lobbying groups like API pay to be associated with your name you betray both your own integrity and the public’s trust.

I hope you will immediately cancel this event and stop allowing your advertisers to pay you to co-host events with clear political agendas.

I am sending this letter via and I hope you will respond promptly to my concerns.