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Petitioning The NY State Senate

Tell New York State to Keep Funding for Domestic Violence Community Services!


Imagine if you were a victim of domestic violence and looked for help. Then, imagine finding out there are no community programs available for you. This could be the reality for many victims in New York if the state passes a budget that eliminates all state support for community-based domestic violence programs.

New York plans to eliminate $1.44 million in funding to domestic violence community programs, programs that help victims who cannot find or do not need shelter services. Without this funding, it could spell the end of many community programs already struggling to survive after previous, drastic state budget cuts. And that could place more families looking to escape violence in even greater danger.

Take action today! Tell New York's state representatives that you want to keep full funding for these programs that make a critical difference for domestic violence victims.

Letter to
The NY State Senate
Dear Representative,

I write on behalf of the one in four women who will experience domestic violence in her lifetime to urge you to save community programs that help victims of domestic violence and their families.

The New York State governor’s proposed budget cuts will hurt domestic violence victims who cannot find or do not need shelter services that provide support. These thousands of victims must rely on community programs available if they are to get the critical help they need for legal, financial, and practical assistance, as well as counseling and referrals. Community programs that help domestic violence victims have already suffered funding cuts last year - cuts that forced programs to reduce service hours, reduce staff, and even close locations that domestic violence victims could turn to. This proposed budget cut will take away the meager $1.4 million that community programs currently receive - effectively killing all state aid for these crucially-needed services.

The lives of domestic violence victims and the lives of their children are already at risk when a victim decides to leave a violent relationship. More funding losses will place those lives in greater danger with the possibility of more tragedies to come, if community programs that help domestic violence victims disappear because of the lack of funding.

I care about victims of domestic violence and I want to see them receive the services and support they deserve. Please make sure they continue to receive those services and support by opposing New York State's proposed budget cuts to community for domestic violence victims.

Thank you,