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Tell New York Hospitals: Save Lives! Implement Safe Nurse-to-Patient Staffing Levels.

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Too many patients, not enough nurses—it’s putting New Yorkers at risk.

The number of patients assigned to a nurse has a direct impact on his or her ability to appropriately assess, monitor, care for and safely discharge patients. But New York hospitals are forcing nurses to sometimes take on 9, 10, or even more patients at once on some floors. It’s putting the quality of your healthcare at risk every day.

The fact is, making sure hospitals provide enough nurses and caregivers is a cost-effective way to improve patient care and leads to savings for hospitals and our healthcare system. The data supports these facts.

When the number of Registered Nurses on duty is increased by just 5%, patient risks are reduced by 15.8%! This can lead to big savings for hospitals over the long term.

What’s more, the odds of a patient dying increases by 7% for every additional patient a nurse is forced to take on. Hospitals that require nurses to care for eight patients at once experience five more deaths for every 1,000 patients than those in which nurses care for only four patients at a time. Yet New York hospitals STILL refuse to implement safe staffing levels!

When you or your family are in the hospital, don’t you want to be sure there are enough nurses and caregivers to provide the care you deserve?

Hospitals must be required to meet minimum nurse-to-patient staffing ratios.

Make sure hospitals are required to meet minimum nurse-to-patient ratios.

Sign the petition to implement Safe Staffing in New York’s hospitals!

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