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Tell New Jersey to Over-ride Governor Christie’s Veto of Frack Ban Bill

NJ could have been the first state in the nation to put clean drinking water before dirty natural gas drilling with the New Jersey Legislature’s bold and forthright Frack Ban Bill, passed by a sweeping, bi-partisan majority of both the Senate and the Assembly this summer.

Instead Governor Christie has conditionally vetoed the Bill, asking for the Bill to be amended as a one year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, a weak and meaningless request that does not provide the protection we need. 

But we can still win to protect our water! The Legislature can over-ride this veto by a 2/3 majority vote. We, as New Jersey residents, must make sure that the Legislature musters an over-ride and defeats the Governor’s conditional veto. 

Tell the NJ Assembly and Senate to Over-ride the Governor's Veto and to Ban Fracking in New Jersey

Everywhere gas drilling is occurring, communities are suffering. In Pennsylvania, the Dept of Environment Protection (DEP) records show about 11 violations of environmental permits by gas drillers every day. Rivers are polluted with waste from gas drilling and fracking and streams are drying up by this water hungry process. We can’t let the intrinsically polluting fracking process come here to New Jersey, where the Utica and other gas-bearing shales wait their turn to become the “new gold rush”. We must protect New Jersey’s drinking water and our communities – stop fracking before it starts!

Please sign this petition to send a message to NJ legislature to urge them to sign the Ban Bill into law. 

For other ways to take action on gas drilling or to learn more, visit Come out on October 21 to West Trenton NJ to Demand DRBC does not pass gas drilling regulations. 

Letter to
New Jersey State House
New Jersey State Senate
Thank you for standing up for clean water by voting for the Frack Ban Bill this summer, S2576 and A3653. Your historic vote set national precedent and you made it clear that preventing pollution is the best investment we can make in our water supplies and communities.

As you know, Governor Chris Christie conditionally vetoed your Bill on August 25, asking the Legislature to amend the Bill to a one year moratorium.

We are asking you to over-ride that veto. Governor Christie’s counter proposal of study and a one year moratorium simply does not provide the protection we in New Jersey need. The prime sponsors of the Bill, Senator Gordon and Assemblywoman Wagner, have pledged support for an over-ride, stating the evidence is clear that fracking is unsafe and should not be allowed now or in a year in our State. The landslide bi-partisan vote in favor of the Bill shows that an over-ride can be accomplished.

New Jersey is the most crowded state in the nation and we use every drop of water the State has, and then some, to meet our everyday needs. Gas drilling is documented to be a grossly polluting activity; just one catastrophic accident would harm untold numbers of people and irreplaceable water supplies here. In Pennsylvania, in 2010 about 6 environmental permit violations per day by drillers were recorded by PA Department of Environmental Protection and violations have ballooned to about 11 per day in the first 6 months of this year.

While studies are ongoing at the federal level, there is already ample evidence and technical information at hand that proves fracking pollutes and exposes water and air to irreversible degradation. And these studies will not yield anything that will change New Jersey’s essential reality – we are a crowded state already dealing with large environmental and fiscal burdens. We cannot afford any more. And that won’t change in the foreseeable future, certainly not within a year. The most reasonable action you can take is to affirm what you have already done — prevent this risk of pollution by banning fracking here. Please, for the sake of our residents and our future, over-ride the Governor’s conditional veto with the passage of the Frack Ban Bill as you wrote it.


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