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Tell Nevada Legislators to Stop Canine Profiling in Nevada

Current Nevada dangerous dog laws allow the government to designate a dog as dangerous or vicious without a hearing or notification to the owner. The current law has no due process protections for pet owners or pets.

AB 324, introduced by Assemblyman Hambrick, would put due process protections in place. It would also prohibit canine profiling in Nevada. Dogs should be judged by their behavior not their appearance.

Studies in the United Kingdom and Spain have shown that breed discriminatory laws are ineffective. According to economist John Dunham and Associates, breed discriminatory laws  are also extremely expensive to enforce.

Urge Nevada legislators to support AB 324.

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Nevada State House
Nevada State Senate
I urge you to support AB 324. Current Nevada law allows the government to declare a dog dangerous without a hearing or notification to the owner.These provisions violate the due process clause of the constitution. Although most Americans consider their dogs to be members of their family, they are living property under the law. At the very least, a hearing should be held before someone's dog is taken from them.

In addition to providing much needed constitutional protections, AB 324 would prohibit breed discrimination in our state. Twelve states also prohibit canine profiling because breed specific laws don't work. They are extremely expensive to enforce. According to a study commissioned by Best Friends Animal Society by economist John Dunham and Associates if Nevada were to enact a breed discriminatory law it would cost taxpayers $3,666,420 a year to enforce. If Carson City were to codify canine profiling it would cost taxpayers $82,270 annually.

Canine profiling is also ineffective. Studies done in the United Kingdom and Spain indicated that dog bites increased after breed discriminatory laws were enacted.

This is America - pet owners deserve due process protections if their pets are to be taken from them. Responsible pet owners should be allowed to own any breed of dog they choose.

Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

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