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Running roughshod over community and environmental concerns is business as usual for Nestlé, but now the Swiss bottling giant is claiming to have turned over a new leaf, even as it seeks to bottle over the objections of communities across the continent.

Communities should have the right to determine the future of their water, but when residents speak up, Nestlé challenges their resistance by waging costly legal battles, striking backroom deals with public officials and running slick PR campaigns to put a green veneer on its tarnished image



Letter to
Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Waters Heidi Paul
CEO, Nestlé Waters North America Kim Jeffery
I’m writing to tell you that I see your new “community siting framework” for what it is: another PR scheme to deflect criticism and allow for business as usual at the expense of communities and the environment.

The framework communities really need when it comes to dealing with your corporation is a sound local democratic process that is not manipulated by Nestlé’s lobbyists, lawyers, and PR.

Today, I’m joining the tens of thousands of people who have taken action with the
Think Outside the Bottle Campaign, as well as the many communities and community groups like “Save the Wacissa” that continue to challenge the social and environmental impacts of bottled water.

I’m calling on you to stop threatening local control of water when siting and operating bottled water plants. And I’m asking you, when will Nestlé truly start heeding community concerns instead of striking backroom deals, running manipulative PR campaigns, and challenging residents through costly legal battles? I await your reply.


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