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Tell Morton Williams: Stop Selling Sweatshop Hummus

Despite a growing awareness of egregious labor rights violations at Flaum Appetizing, Morton Williams refuses to stop selling Flaum's products, including Sonny & Joe's hummus.

Brooklyn-based Flaum Appetizing Corp. and its owner Moishe Grunhut illegally fired seventeen Latino workers en masse after the employees stood up against over a decade of unlawfully withheld overtime pay, denial of benefits, and abusive treatment from management.  Though Flaum's retaliatory conduct was judged illegal in February 2009 after a full trial, the company is resisting compliance with the judge's order including the payment of over $260,000 in lost wages.  Flaum's labor abuses have caused many prominent New York City supermarkets to drop its products but Morton Williams and its co-owner Avi Kaner have turned their back on the workers' call for justice.

Tell Morton Williams to join a growing number of NYC supermarkets who have stop selling Sonny & Joe's hummus and respect human rights in their supply chain.

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