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On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney touts his supposed opposition to discrimination against LGBT Americans. But he recently accepted a campaign endorsement from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, an anti-gay fundamentalist. 

Aside from authoring Arizona's controversial anti-immigrant law, Kobach is one of the most extreme anti-LGBT elected officials in the country.  His church has questionable ties to the dangerous anti-gay movement in Africa.  And he once said that the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT rights groups  supported "homosexual pedophilia." 

Romney is proudly parading Kobach's support on his website, but the whole thing reeks of hypocrisy. He can’t claim to oppose discrimination while embracing a bigot who equates being gay with pedophilia.

Tell Mitt Romney’s campaign to reject Kobach's endorsement immediately and disavow his hateful views.

Letter to
Eric Fehrnstrom Communications Adviser at Free and Strong America PAC
Communications Team Mitt Romney
Your campaign continues to tout Governor Romney's opposition to discrimination against LGBT Americans, but accepting anti-gay fundamentalist Kris Kobach's endorsement clearly defies that stance.

Kobach is one of the most extreme anti-LGBT elected officials in the country with questionable ties to the murderous anti-gay movement in Africa.

Governor Romney can't have it both ways – claiming one day to oppose LGBT discrimination and parading Kris Kobach's endorsement around the next.

I'm calling on your campaign today to reject Kobach's endorsement immediately.


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